As a member of the Separk Mansion Wedding Venue team, I am often acting as either the Event Manager or Day-of Coordinator at Separk Mansion.  No matter what primary role I am doing,  I will always place the bride’s happiness and the execution of her wedding as my primary goal.

Some Charlotte Wedding venues have a single individual acting as both the Event Manager and Day of Coordinator. This can pose challenges and is not a recommended as a best practice. Because the Event Day Wedding Coordination role can be much more involved than the Event Manager role,  Separk Mansion always provides an Event Manager and can also provide Month/Day of Coordinator from one of our experienced wedding coordinators.  The definition of the two roles can  get a bit confusing, so I want to take a minute to try to clarify the difference is between the Wedding Event Manager  and  the Day of  Wedding Coordinator roles.  I encourage brides to keep these differences in mind when deciding on our Day-of Coordination Package.

Some couples assume that since they already have an event manager at the wedding venue, they may not need a Charlotte wedding planner or coordinator. After all, what’s the benefit setting aside another chunk of the budget for a Day-of Coordinator? Especially when that extra money could go towards adding those pricey peonies to your bridal bouquet, or that cigar/cognac bar your husband-to-be has been pining for.  While an event manager is extremely helpful to have around, and has memorized every room of the venue down to the last broom closet, there comes a point where his or her responsibilities to you and your Big Day may not meet your needs or expectations.

When it comes down to it, the event manager is primarily responsible for the venue, and that’s typically where their responsibilities end. Although they may have knowledge about certain details of your wedding such as processionals, lodging, and the catering team, they are ultimately there to represent the property, not specifically the bride and groom themselves.

Photo by: Will Phillips, Mountain House Media

Alternatively, wedding planners and day-of coordinators are completely focused on the bride, groom and their families. The list of their responsibilities is virtually endless. Any wedding planner or coordinator you choose will be there every step of the way–to comfort you when needed, and more importantly, to make sure you’re getting everything you expect from your event. Wedding planners and coordinators will get to know you and your fiancée personally, your likes and dislikes, and will champion your wishes and desires, and help your vision become reality.

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